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Systemic cleansing: connect with your femininity, intuition and rebirth

This unique 40-day instance is designed for all women who are looking for a change, reconnect with their energy, essence and want to dedicate time this spring to flourish, develop femininity, change eating habits and lifestyle, know your own inner voice creating the space to listen to intuition.

To make a change of habits and foundation is necessary at least 30-40 days of work, because, we know that there are climbs, descents, etc .. our goal is to support them during the 40 days For this we wanted to make a complete program where we join food, hormonal regulation, coaching, psychology, meditation, yoga (kundalini), exercise, sleep, relationship management, hobbies/dreams, positivism, lifestyle habits, self-care and self-love.


Because, everything is united and this way we will work all the systems (nervous, cardiac, digestive, circulatory, emotional)


Objectives and topics to be addressed:    


  • Psychological aspects that we will deal with week by week     

  • Anxiety / stress     

  • Types of hunger, handling of this, how to eat and choose     

  • Know your needs and body    

  • Eliminate consumption of processed foods / products     

  • To investigate intolerances and / or what foods do not do us well (this depends on each person and each body)     

  • Eliminate waste, bad habits, emotional toxins, toxic and environmental relationships     

  • Increase consumption of certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals     

  • Reconnect - CONNECT Mind / body system     

  • Know your MICROBIOT (gut) and its connection with your emotions / brain    Hormonal regulation through diet and practice     

  • Systematic cleansing through meditation and practice Kundalini     

  • Development of intuition and self-care     

  • Return to love: love, respect and tolerance


To open the cycle we will do a live online class (webinar) on October 27 at 7:00 pm to explain what it is about, know each other and can ask us all the questions they want. Then the program is divided into 4 stages, each stage with a duration of 10 days (40 days in total), beginning the plan on Monday, October 29. Where we will upload the classes, guidelines and material in each of the stages.


We will also be connected via whatsaap to answer  all your questions, symptoms, etc. For special cases you can contact Valeria or Manuela or both if necessary.


To obtain the detail of each stage of the program, complete information and price write to radiantnutritionist@gmail.com or in the contact section you can leave a message with your request.


Start the spring as new, prepare for this new year.




Collaborations: Green bazaar with discounts and much more.




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