Nutritionist and Dietitian (specialization in kidneys health)

Diploma in Alimentos Functional foods and Nutraceuticals

Wellness Coach (Lifestyle Medicine)

Nutrition, biology, well-being and how the mind plays a fundamental role in our life has always caught my attention. I understood the importance of food when I began to understand its impact on feeling healthy, energetic and in harmony.

This was the reason why I decided to study Nutrition and Dietetics. At the beginning, I began to find my true vocation: to help others to heal, but as time passed, I felt that something was missing, I knew that well-being was not just healthy eating and exercise, but that there was something else ... and so I start my own path of learning.

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"


Halfway through my career I decided to take a break from university life to be able to explore and learn about the advances in nutrition and well-being of other countries and well without knowing it, also to start my own path of healing. I prepared the suitcases and started my trip in 2012, where I discovered a totally NEW world. It was here that I found answers to so many questions, I began to vibrate more in my own path, I gave meaning to my belief that nutrition is a whole and I found new information, courses, restaurants, products, organic fairs, and everything that It helped me to understand and experience everything that I had been studying as a theory all this time.


At the same time I began to practice yoga and meditation, experiencing changes on a physical, emotional, social and spiritual level.

The new experiences and knowledge turned my life around. This made my scientific and the holistic background rooted more strongly, and at the same time, they opened an intangible world to me to know.


This was the perfect mix I needed to translate my essence into a new project, my own vision of how to treat patients / people. Thanks to the change in my lifestyle I began to somatize in the body painful memories of childhood and emotional patterns, understanding the importance of working together with my change of habits.


"Emotions, life habits and the relationship with our environment influence our diet and well-being"

I returned to Chile with the firm intention of gaining experience and continuing with my path focused on finding the balance, defining the lifestyle that would allow me to continue looking for my own well-being and thus help / guide others.

After having put into practice my knowledge in Chile, different situations and people that today I greatly appreciate, made me move from my comfort zone again and start my new learning journey, from another perspective, maturity and independence.

So I get to Bali, Indonesia. Without expectations, but very motivated to create and implement my own reality. What made me and makes me vibrate enormously.

Time went by and Bali was filling me with abundance, new and amazing people, comunity, offers of work, retreats, patients, experiences and opportunities to continue deepening in this world of well-being.

At the same time working on myself, to eventually heal / help others.

It was on this island, where I started my experience as an international nutritionist in "Avocado", where they named me their nutritionist serving people from all over the world and with different conditions, teaching wellness and nutrition in retreats, I was the creator of their vegan energy bars in the restaurant , designing nutritional plans for your center and recipes for your menu.


This empower my career but also I empower myself to keep fighting for what I believe/want.

Also I found my path, my healing, my passion with life and my connection.


Then I started to get patients who were in "wellness" retreats, I also started teaching wellness classes, nutrition, anti-inflammatory nutrition, GUT and autoimmune specifically, healthy cooking classes, trophology and wellness (Mind and body nutrition), mindful-eating and nutrition for yoga teachers.

I always keep my online patients from different parts of the world where I do sessions of holistic nutrition and wellness coach, thanks to all the experience I have had the opportunity to live.

Thanks to all this journey, Radiant Nutritionist was born an innovative initiative that aims to help people like you, to change their life habits, eating habits and empower their lives.


I invite you to travel in this never ending path of healing, transformation and empowering.


Cultivate your dreams








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